Beat Quest

Tap and swipe to the beat! Fight your way through the treacherous forest. Uncover chests full of 500+ items! Sell your items for gold and unlock more challenging songs! Can you beat them all?

Drop Red

Descend into a dangerous pit full of spikes. Death is imminent. Can you survive 300 seconds? Cheat death by bouncing on enemy heads. Try not to buy a goat. We aren't kidding, its probably gonna happen, you will involuntarily purchase a goat.

Epic Loot

Banished by her king, Octavia decides to start her own kingdom. One where people will be treated with respect and as equals. But first she will need to acquire lots of gold in order to finance her fantasy. And what better way to do that than to sell some loot, or rather, some epic loot.

Have Hope

Have Hope is a reflex strategy game where you must dodge red eyed monsters and collect light orbs to maintain vision and stay alive. Play solo or with a friend using two controllers.

Royal Rush

Life as a man without a face is hard in medieval times. Especially when such a trait is considered an abomination, an act punishable by death. However, when the great king Joffrey captures you, he decides to make you his fool instead. A foolish move that will prove.


Kingship is a complex but easy to learn medieval themed card game. Cards are powerful when possessed in numbers, but only the first player to discard them all wins the game.

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